Friday, November 25, 2011

Andre Villas Boas is on a Big Problem

Chelsea/The Blues manager, Andre Villas Boas is on a big big problem now. It is due to several Chelsea's defeat. Chelsea is lose against Arsenal 5-3, Liverpool 2-1, and Leverkusen 2-1. Maybe it is because of Chelsea's poor defender performance.

Villas Boas also don't want Guus Hiddink to help him to solve the problem. Maybe he is too arrogant in my opinion. Guus Hiddink is a good coach and he must help chelsea to solve this problem if Chelsea want to win a throphy this season. Maybe Hiddink can help a little, or more.

Let we just see for several match later. Lets see whether Villas Boas can win or not?And if he cannot win, he must accept Hiddink or someone else to help him.

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